Bioplatforms Australia is proud to announce an investment of $1 million in the Integrated Pest Management ‘Omics Initiative (IPM OMICS). Through the creation of genomics data, this national program is set to transform our understanding of Australia’s diverse pest and beneficial insect populations and will play a pivotal role in supporting data informed integrated pest management (IPM) strategies in Australia.

Australia’s agricultural, forestry, and horticulture sectors, as well as its native ecosystems, are significantly impacted by insects, as beneficial contributors to ecosystem health and productivity, and as devastating pests and vectors of disease. Yet, despite their importance, the vast majority of insect species in Australia remain unidentified.

This initiative represents a significant step towards sustainable management of insect pests in Australia. Fostering research and creating data to increase Australia’s understanding of insects is a critical step in safeguarding agriculture and supporting healthy ecosystems. This initiative underlines the importance of omics data-informed, holistic approach to pest management.


The data created in this initiative will aim to support applications across:

Accelerate Discovery and Identification: By expediting the identification of pest and beneficial insects, this initiative will provide vital data for insect monitoring, enabling the establishment of baseline assessments, and the identification of unique native insect groups.

Increase Knowledge of Insect Roles: The foundational data created in this initiative aims to deepen our understanding of the roles that insects play in our ecosystems including how insects adapt to changing environments and respond to human pressures, explore cryptic species, assess extinction risks, and investigate predator-prey relationships.

Supporting Data-Informed Pest Management Strategies: IPM OMICS will provide crucial insights into pest management, including mechanisms of insecticide resistance, and the direct and indirect impacts of pest control strategies on pollination goals and ecosystems.



To ensure the success of this initiative, a dedicated Advisory Committee has been established who will be supported by a Project Manager (from Bioplatforms Australia). The Advisory Committee is committed to impartial leadership and transparency, ensuring that the project’s interests are placed above all else. Specialist working groups and external advisors will be consulted when required or necessary.


Prof. Ary Hoffmann (Chair) University of Melbourne
Prof. David Yates CSIRO
Prof. James Cook Western Sydney University
Dr Rachel Dudaniec Macquarie University
Dr Andrew Weeks Cesar Australia
Prof. Owain Edwards CSIRO
Dr Sonu Yadav Northern Territory Department of Industry
Prof. Dianne Gleeson University of Canberra
Dr Jeff Christiansen Australian BioCommons
Dr Kelly Scarlett Bioplatforms Australia



Project Details

  • Project Contacts

    Project Lead: Ary Hoffmann – University of Melbourne

    Project Manager:

    Mabel Lum – Bioplatforms Australia, mlum@bioplatforms.com

    Aude Touffu – Bioplatforms Australia, atouffu@bioplatforms.com

  • Project acknowledgements and citation

    Project DOI: https://doi.org/10.25953/yqw4-8w70

    NCBI Umbrella Bioproject ID: PRJNA1098055

    Authors: The Integrated Pest Management Omics Initiative

    Funding: Bioplatforms Australia, enabled by NCRIS, and the Integrated Pest Management Omics Initiative Consortium

    Keywords: Integrated pest management, genomics, dataset resource, reference genomes

    Years active: 2023 – present

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    We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Integrated Pest Management Omics consortium in the generation of data used in this [publication]. The Initiative is supported by funding from Bioplatforms Australia (enabled by the Commonwealth Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)).

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  • Data access

    Please see the Data Use and Collaboration Policy

    For further information please visit the Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal.

Advancing Australia’s Knowledge of Insects for Integrated Pest Management
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