About our projects

Building new capabilities and critical data resources to support scientific challenges.

We catalyse research collaborations to build new capabilities and critical data resources to support some of Australia’s biggest scientific challenges. These challenges span agriculture, biomedicine, the environment and industry, as well as extending to relevant international endeavours.

Our Framework Initiatives are national collaborative projects that use integrated ‘omics infrastructure to support research themes of national significance. The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of these projects ensures the datasets are relevant to current scientific questions and immediately employed for high impact research.

Project selection and development

Bioplatforms uses a range of signals to determine priority themes and challenges to develop into Framework Initiatives. The ‘priority signalling’ takes different forms depending on the sector and nature of the scientific challenge. Indicators of areas of national priority could be taken from:

  • Government policy
  • State government agencies (DPIs, herbaria and botanic gardens, museums)
  • National peak bodies and professional societies (ACOLA, AAS commissioned plans)
  • Philanthropic investments of significance
  • Science funding agencies (MRFF, ARC Centre of Excellence, CRC)
  • Industry demand and investment including rural development corporations, pharmaceutical companies, private biotech

To be considered for project selection and development, Bioplatforms Australia seek the following:

  • Project initiation focused around nationally collaborative and peer reviewed centres
  • Project teams are extended by inclusion of additional collaborative partners
  • Building on existing activities – existing research programmes are augmented and engaged with Bioplatforms Australia NCRIS capability partners
  • International linkages are fostered and promoted
  • Technology – timing, feasibility and deployment of appropriate capability from the Bioplatforms Australia network
  • Bioinformatic support – demonstrated pathway to data analysis
  • Industry support is strongly encouraged
  • Co-investment is necessary to maximise the value and impact of Bioplatforms Australia Framework Initiatives

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Sea Coral
Over the lifespan of the Program, 20 initiatives have received investment for research integrating genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.
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