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We provide access to 'omics technologies in support of all life science researchers working across human health, agriculture, biodiversity and industry. Bioplatforms is enabled by the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Read More


Integrated Pest Management Omics Initiative

Advancing Australia’s Knowledge of Insects for Integrated Pest Management

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Australian Avian Genomics Initiative

The Australian Avian Genomics Initiative is building a foundation of genomic data to advance our understanding of Australia’s unique native birds species.

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Australian Functional Fungi Initiative

Establishing a biomolecular data resource to enable the identification, knowledge and utilisation of Australian native fungi

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Plant Protein Atlas Initiative

Advancing the current market trade of pulses as commodities to value-added products (protein concentrate, protein isolates, starch and fibre) presents a considerable leadership and economic opportunity for Australia.

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Enhancing Resilience and Flavor in Plant-Based Proteins: The Plant Protein Atlas Initiative

Value adding to Australia’s pulse proteins industry through the integration of environmental, agronomy and omics data

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Bioplatforms Secures Crucial Funding from NCRIS Program to Propel Frontier Omics Technology

Bioplatforms Australia is pleased to announce a significant boost to its capabilities and resources, thanks to a substantial investment from the Australian Government Department of Education through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program.

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Supporting Australia’s food security and agriculture industry

In support of Australia’s food security and economy, Bioplatforms Australia is funding a Plant Pathogen ‘Omics Initiative. The initiative will generate high quality molecular reference data for plant pathogens in Australia. It will be used as a foundational data asset to support fundamental research and development in plant protection and provide an effective national biosecurity surveillance system.

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Australian based HydGene Renewables raises $6M AUD in seed funding round

The innovative start-up providing an alternative green hydrogen solution has secured seed funding that will enable HydGene to scale up production of its biocatalyst technology for pilot testing, expand its team and conduct further R&D to bring down the unit economics of its green hydrogen product.

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