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We provide access to 'omics technologies in support of all life science researchers working across human health, agriculture, biodiversity and industry. Bioplatforms is enabled by the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Read More


Ricin Genomics and Global Origins Initiative

Aligned with the SABRE Alliance's mission to enhance biological threat preparedness, this collaborative effort between defence, industry, and academia seeks to leverage existing sovereign technologies, enabled by NCRIS, to provide immediate decision support tools and develop innovative solutions tailored to national security challenges.

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Integrated Pest Management Omics Initiative

Advancing Australia’s Knowledge of Insects for Integrated Pest Management

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Australian Avian Genomics Initiative

The Australian Avian Genomics Initiative is building a foundation of genomic data to advance our understanding of Australia’s unique native birds species.

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Australian Functional Fungi Initiative

Establishing a biomolecular data resource to enable the identification, knowledge and utilisation of Australian native fungi

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The Australian Avian genomics initiative is seeking partnerships

Australian Avian Genomics Initiative – Request for Partnerships 2024 Now open!

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Synthetic biology

NCRIS Australian Synthetic Biology initiative

Bioplatforms Australia is leading an exciting initiative that aims to propel Australia into a leadership position in the field of synthetic biology.

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Biological Ocean Observer

The Microbial Ocean Atlas

The Microbial Ocean Atlas aims to distill complex data for broader accessibility.

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Academy of Science Ukraine-Australia research fund

Bioplatforms Australia facilities partners with Ukrainian researchers affected by conflict through the Australian Academy of Science Ukraine-Australia facility research fund

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