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We provide access to 'omics technologies in support of all life science researchers working across human health, agriculture, biodiversity and industry. Bioplatforms is enabled by the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Read More


Australian Functional Fungi Initiative

Establishing a biomolecular data resource to enable the identification, knowledge and utilisation of Australian native fungi

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Plant Pathogen Omics Initiative

Plant diseases cost Australia millions of dollars each year as they reduce productivity, increase the cost of production, impact on our ability to trade both locally and internationally and adversely affect our environment and biodiversity.

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Cardiovascular Framework

A catalyst program whereby cardiovascular researchers are partnering with the Bioplatforms network to develop and analyse ‘omics data in support of national collaborative research grants.

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Tasmanian Devil

Threatened species

This initiative will directly support a number of conservation efforts and provide an infrastructure in the form of data and analytical pipelines to support biodiversity conservation in the hands of species management teams

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The Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens Framework Data Initiative multi-omics resource is now published!

The collaborative consortium took on the challenging task of producing and integrating multi-omics datasets generated from key clinical sepsis pathogens from Australia and globally, to support discovery and translational research to tackle the global challenge in the rise of antimicrobial resistance.

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Annual Report 2022

Bioplatforms is committed to supporting the Australian life sciences community through a diverse access program, provision of targeted infrastructure requirements, and making integrated capability available to initiatives of breadth, scale and complexity in a way that is not readily achievable through other mechanisms.

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Bioplatforms proud to support precision medicine cancer PrOSPeCT Trial

Bioplatforms Australia welcomes the recent announcement of the $185 million investment to fast-track treatments for rare and ‘untreatable’ cancers.

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Bioplatforms is seeking innovative ideas to enhance research capability

Bioplatforms Australia is seeking innovative ideas from current and potential future partners to identify opportunities to deepen and enhance the overall capability and capacity of its network.

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