Supporting Australian Life science research by investing in biomolecular infrastructure and expertise.

Bioplatforms Australia is a non-profit organisation that supports Australian Life science research by investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics. This is made possible through investment funding provided by the Commonwealth Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

Our mission is to enhance these research capabilities, support innovation and help transform scientific outcomes into tangible benefits for Australians..

We do this by:

  • supporting an accessible national network of facilities that provide DNA, RNA, protein and metabolite analysis
  • developing scientific initiatives and collaborations of national significance across medicine, agriculture and environmental science
  • lead the Australian BioCommons, an ambitious national bioinformatics infrastructure responsive to the ever increasing digitisation of biology and evolving analytical requirements.

Bioplatforms Australia was established in 2007 to invest Federal Government funds in enabling world leading biomolecular science and research.  In 2018 Bioplatforms Australia received a new Australian Government funding commitment of $111 million over five years. This will sustain its ability to ensure researchers have access to high quality infrastructure. It will also help build a culture of collaboration that will accelerate research breakthroughs specific to Australian problems, and provide improved economic and social outcomes for Australians.

In 2021-22 Bioplatforms Australia supported 2,947 users, its 17 node facilities engage more than 20,000 research contracts, and support over 200 science and industry collaborators. 

Transformative research projects supported by Bioplatforms Australia are diverse and range from the first ever sequencing of the Australian koala genome, a systematic coverage of Australian native vertebrates and native flora, agriculture-linked plants and pathogens and the world’s largest coral genomics sequencing project on the Great Barrier Reef.


NCRIS is a national network of world-class research infrastructure projects that support high-quality research that will drive greater innovation in the Australian research sector and the economy more broadly. Projects support strategically important research through which Australian researchers and their international partners can address key national and global challenges.

Visit their website to find out more and discover the other NCRIS capabilities.

We are Australia’s key partner in building capability and collaboration at scale within the life sciences research community, with a focus on better understanding anything that’s living in Australia
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