Bioplatforms Australia is seeking innovative ideas from current and potential future partners to identify opportunities to deepen and enhance the overall capability and capacity of its network. We are seeking to extend Bioplatforms current suite of research infrastructure and offerings to include but not limited by:

  • extension of existing capability in line with government policy signals and the national research infrastructure roadmap;
  • enhancing impact, industry engagement and commercialisation;
  • step wise enhancements to platform or technology offering;
  • enhanced digital capability;
  • connectivity between Bioplatforms facilities and other NCRIS capabilities.

This process seeks to identify future projects, partnerships, and novel technologies that will provide additional value to our user network. Bioplatforms strategic vision is to provide a comprehensive suite of infrastructure and expertise that supports research from end-to-end throughout the lifecycle from discovery research, through to commercialisation and impact, from data generation through to analysis and publication. Advice is being sought to identify existing gaps in this model that will enhance our overall offering.

Ideas that address the following will be reviewed favourably:

  • Clearly articulate the user need;
  • Have demonstrable applications to molecular life science;
  • Demonstrate a step wise change in a platform or technology offering;
  • Are collaborative or cooperative in nature;
  • Demonstrate a meaningful link to existing Bioplatforms activities or clearly show how they would enhance existing offering;
  • Have clear executable implementation plans;
  • Demonstrate co-investment.

Submitting an idea

  • Please fill in and submit the web form below.
  • This web form can be downloaded as a word document here to help you prepare your responses. If you use this, please copy and paste your responses in to the web form below when you’re ready to submit.
  • If for some reason you cannot see or use the web form below, please use this link:
  • If you have any questions or are unsure if you meet the criteria, please contact Andrew Gilbert, to discuss.
  • Supplementary material that further supports your idea can also be emailed to Andrew Gilbert.

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