Our mission is to enhance research capabilities, support innovation and to help transform scientific outcomes into tangible benefits for Australians.

We do this by partnering with researchers both in academic institutions, and within industry to ensure broad access to data, technology and facilities that will enable the best research outcomes.

The research we have enabled through our industry and academic partnerships is diverse and transformative.

We’d like to partner with you

Are you a small business or start up?

Starting up a biotech company is met with many challenges yet the Bioplatforms network can assist by de-risk your venture. The Bioplatforms infrastructure network and pool of expertise offers the opportunity for you to outsource specialist analytics and save that precious capital for a longer runway.

Are you a large or established business?

The Bioplatforms network is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and staff are experienced in working with business for research and development. Our range of services can be customised to address your business or product need whether it be expanding your product portfolio, verify that point of difference with competitors or quantify quality of your production systems or process.

To find out if we can help you, contact our Partnerships Manager:

  • Vicki Snelson, Head – Impact and Commercialisation
  • vsnelson@bioplatforms.com
  • +61425 282 294


Our partnership with the Australian Wine Research institute (AWRI) recently involved detection of smoke taint in grapes and produce provenance.
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