Providing world class bioinformatics expertise and high-performance computing

We have a number of bioinformatics specialists within its network to provide world class bioinformatics expertise and high-performance computing to all researchers.

These services can be integrated into life sciences research projects or accessed specifically for tailored bioinformatics solutions.

Our Bioinformatics Facilities

  • Australian Biocommons University of Melbourne

    The Australian Bioinformatics Commons (BioCommons) is an ambitious new digital capability that will enhance Australian research in its ability to understand the molecular basis of life across all research domains, including environmental, agricultural and biomedical.

    Digital technologies are proving transformational for the life sciences. This large-scale investment in digital infrastructure will ensure Australian life science research remains globally competitive, providing access to the tools, methods and training researchers require to respond to national challenges such as food security, environmental conservation and disease treatments.

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