The Bioplatforms Australia Plant Pathogen ‘Omics Initiative is now seeking partners to nominate and lead projects that will generate important genomic data resources for priority plant pathogen species.


Background and Aims

The Bioplatforms Australia-supported Plant Pathogen ‘Omics Initiative has the broad aim of generating a national library of ‘omics data to support the goals and missions of the plant health community in preparing, managing and mitigating plant disease outbreaks across Australia’s agricultural sectors.

The program will generate high quality molecular reference data for plant pathogens in Australia. This data will be developed through collaboration with the national plant pathogen community and will be used as a foundational data asset to support:

  • fundamental research and development in plant protection (e.g., understanding the emergence and evolution of pathogens in crop systems, resolving taxonomy and race structure, informing biocide development, etc.)
  • national biosecurity activities (e.g., incursion detection, rapid diagnostics tests, etc.)

In order to develop an enduring data asset, the initiative will work with key groups across Australia to implement a series of standardised protocols (from sampling to metadata and sequencing) as well as standardised software and bioinformatics tools for fit-for-purpose workflows that are transparent and repeatable.


Request for Partnership – Genomics

In the first stream of activity, the project has engaged with national and state and territory primary industry departments as well as Rural Development Corporations, and a list of priority pathogens have been identified where genomic/genetic data would be immediately useful for R&D and/or biosecurity applications.

This list can be found here:

To submit a partnership proposal:

  1. Please read all of the information on the Call for Partnerships webpage before completing the project proposal document
  2. Please download the proposal template here – Request for Partnership Application Template
  3. Complete one document for each species.
  4. Address all criteria listed.
  5. Answers to all the criteria should not exceed 4 pages.

Deadline: COB Friday 13th May, 2022.

Submissions: Please email the completed RFP document to Mabel Lum,, with subject: Plant Pathogen RFP – [Species name].

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mabel at any time.

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