Insects (and invertebrates broadly) play a crucial role in Australia’s agriculture, forestry, horticulture industries, and native ecosystems. They can be both beneficial and invasive pests. Despite their immense diversity and importance in food systems and ecosystem health, many important species remain unidentified or have limited strategies for effective management.

The Integrated Pest Management Omics (IPM OMICS) Initiative aims to accelerate the identification and management of Australia’s native beneficial and pest invertebrates by generating open access genomic data. These foundational genomics data that will enable the identification and monitoring of native insect groups, assist in understanding of pesticide resistance, and develop knowledge to enable native predators and pollinators to be leveraged through integrated management strategies.


The IPM OMICS Initiative is now calling for project proposals to collaboratively develop critical genomics resources for Australia’s pest and beneficial invertebrate species.

The call includes activities to generate the following genomic data:

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Population genetics

The list of priority groups and species for the generation of genomic data can be found here



Projects are encouraged to target an applied theme and will be assessed based on the following criteria

  • Project team: Collaborators with the relevant expertise (e.g. genomic material extraction, bioinformatics analysis, end-use application etc) and collaboration with industry and collections partners (if appropriate).
  • Project rationale: How the project is going to advance knowledge of Australia’s pests and beneficial invertebrates through the generation of genomics data.
  • Timely sample availability: Access to existing samples, or the ability to collect samples in a timely manner (with a detailed timeline), that are suitable for extracting the necessary material. Bioplatforms expect genomics material to be sent for sequencing within 12 months of project acceptance.
  • Co-contribution: Co-contribution for sample collection, data analysis, publication, international repository submission etc is required. Bioplatforms will cover the sequencing costs at our facilities for the agreed sample numbers.

It should be noted that this is not a competitive grant opportunity and the IPM OMICS initiative will endeavour to support projects that aim to apply genomics to enhance knowledge of invertebrates relevant to IPM.

Project assessment will be guided by the IPM OMICS Initiative Advisory Committee.



  • The IPM OMICS Initiative welcomes proposals from international collaborators on Australian-relevant invertebrates, where the proposal has a meaningful collaboration with Australian researchers.
  • Genomic sequencing will be conducted through the Bioplatforms network of facilities and the data is to be managed through the Bioplatforms Data Portal according to the Data Use and Communications Policy.



  1. Please ensure you have read all information on this page before completing the Request for Partnership (RFP) form.
  2. Complete and submit one form per species of interest. The list of priority groups and species for the generation of genomic data can be found here.
  3. Address all criteria/questions listed in the form. Please note you can edit the form after submitting it until the deadline.


Deadline: COB Friday 26th July 2024

Submissions:  Please email any questions or additional documentation to Mabel Lum, with the subject: IPM Omics – [Species of interest]

Contact information:

Mabel Lum, Program Manager, (unavailable between 11 – 28 July)

Kelly Scarlett, Partnerships and Engagement Lead,

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