TSI is now seeking partnerships as part of its Genomics Library program. This program seeks to create a foundation of genomic data to advance our understanding of key threatened species in Australia (fauna and flora) by developing best-practice reference genomes, and associated population genetics data to assist conservation agencies to understand functional gene characterisation (e.g. immune genes, reproductive genes, behaviour genes, heat tolerance genes); and genome-wide diversity (e.g. population differentiation, population genetic diversity, inbreeding effects). These data resources will then be leveraged in the Genomics in Conservation Management program to bridge the gap between the production of genomic data and the use of it in applied conservation strategies.

Complete information on the program and request for partnership, along with details on the application process (online form for application) can be found on the initiative website through the link below:

The requests submission deadline is COB Friday 19th July 2024

Parties interested in participating in the TSI RFP are encouraged to get in contact with the TSI Project Manager (Sophie Mazard, smazard@bioplatforms.com).



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