Our Vision

Bioplatforms Australia is leading an exciting initiative that aims to propel Australia into a leadership position in the field of synthetic biology. Our vision is to create a comprehensive suite of resources that will bolster research, accelerate innovation, and address critical societal challenges, while fostering industry growth and international collaboration.

Delivering Australian Excellence in Synthetic Biology

We are creating an Australian suite of synthetic biology National Research Infrastructure (NRI) that will:

  • Support diverse research – we are committed to providing the capability to support research with a wide array of biological organisms, from bacteria and yeast to plants, mammalian cells, and models specifically designed for medical products. These organisms align with Australian priorities and strengths, spanning health, agriculture, and environment.
  • Accelerate impact – our NRI will build an ecosystem that will generate and capture impact from Synthetic Biology, accelerating the translation of discoveries into real-world solutions. From fundamental research through scale-up and freedom to operate considerations including regulatory, legal, ethical, and social license.
  • Build a skilled workforce – a critical mass of skilled workers will be an integral part of our initiative. They will have the expertise to operate highly complex automated workflows, deliver process scale-up, and translate research effectively.
  • Foster connectivity – we aim to create a highly connected and integrated ecosystem that is accessible to both industry and the research community. Our virtual centralisation will ensure that resources are efficiently distributed.


Our Strategic Objectives

  • Societal impact – we strive to use synthetic biology research to provide solutions to pressing societal challenges, including environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, public health, agricultural productivity, and environmentally sustainable manufacturing.
  • Innovation pipeline – our research-innovation pipeline will turn a continuous stream of research discoveries into transformative real-world interventions, creating new industries, jobs, and wealth across medical, environmental, agricultural, and industrial sectors.
  • World leadership – we aim to establish Australian synthetic biologists as world leaders in areas that leverage our existing and emerging strengths, such as a robust agricultural industry, a track record of medical innovations, and expertise in large-scale fermentation.
  • Global collaboration – Australian synthetic biology researchers will become the partner of choice in major international collaborations, fostering cross-border cooperation and knowledge exchange.
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