We are pleased to announce the first request for partnership for the Australian Avian genomics initiative.

The Australian Avian Genomics Initiative aims to build a foundation of molecular data to advance our understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique bird species. This durable data resource generated by the initiative will include:

  • gap-filling reference genomes for Australian representatives of all bird families in Australia
  • increasing capacity for cutting-edge studies using phylogenomic, population genomic, and other ‘omic approaches.

This Request for Partnership is a non-competitive, collaborative, opportunity.


  1. Please ensure you have read all RFP submission guidelines on the information page before completing the Request for Partnership (RFP) document.
  2. Download the Request for Partnership proposal through the information page
  3. Complete and submit one document per species of interest. Where a project may be addressing a question that spans multiple species (or genera), please submit one document per project question and include an appendix list of the species of interest.
  4. Address all criteria/questions listed in the document.
  5. Answers to all the criteria should not exceed 6 pages.

Deadline: COB Thursday 28th March 2024

Contact information:

Dr Sophie Mazard, Program Manager smazard@bioplatforms.com

Sarah Richmond, General Manager Scientific Programs srichmond@bioplatforms.com

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