2020 Bioplatforms Australia All-Hands Meeting

The Bioplatforms’ All Hands meeting of our node network has been postponed due to COVID-19. We will be in touch with our network when we can confirm a new date for the event.

Who should attend?

Everyone should feel welcome to attend. We hope that we will see a cross section of leadership, technical and early career staff. We expect that the financial support will enable at least 3-5 people from each node to attend. You are of course welcome to bring along additional staff at your own expense. We strongly encourage nodes to include and bring along one of their early career staff.


A draft agenda for the meeting will be made available when we can reschedule the event.


A number of different accommodation types and room configurations are available at the venue. See the website for more information.

We ask the attendees to contact the venue to arrange their accommodation. Accommodation has been reserved for our use during the meeting. To arrange your accommodation please contact Q Station directly, and let them know you are attending the Bioplatforms Conference, their contact number is +61 2 9466 1500.

About the venue

We have chosen to host the meeting at Q Station, an enduring part of Sydney’s history, that once served as the Quarantine Station for migrants arriving in Australia. Located in the Sydney Harbour National Park, the Station occupies a 30 hectare site on the North Head of Manly it has direct access to Sydney Harbour and the Australian bush.

We look forward to seeing you all at what should be a productive and enjoyable function.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

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