CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity

Improved technologies and regulation have led to better safety systems and work practices, but these have not directly addressed the remaining key determinant of safety and productivity – human performance.

Performance is reduced when alertness is impaired.  Poor alertness is endemic in modern society due to the combined effects of inadequate sleep and untreated sleep disorders.

Many shiftworkers including long distance drivers, health care, emergency service and mining industry workers and others in safety critical roles are at risk of impaired alertness due to sleep loss or disruption.

Poor alertness has widespread effects on core brain functions: reaction time, decision making, information processing and the ability to maintain attention.

Almost 10,000 serious workplace injuries and more than 25,000 serious injuries from road crashes are caused by poor alertness each year.

Poor performance, accidents and injuries due to reduced alertness are preventable.

The Alertness CRC will begin a new era in alertness management by driving evidence based changes in

  • Behaviour
  • Work practices
  • Policy
  • Legislation
  • Community responses to the 24/7 lifestyle

Contact details for the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) are:

Telephone: 61 (03) 9905 0865

Fax: 61 (03) 9905 2437

Visit their website

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