Strategic Partnerships Advisor - Joint Bioplatforms Australia, Phenomics Australia & Therapeutic Innovation Australia

John has over 20 years’ experience in therapeutic R&D for pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and world-leading medical research institutes. He is an experienced project manager deft at managing stakeholder relationships in key collaborations and who has succeeded in projects running from target validation via in vitro or in vivo models, to preclinical drug discovery and assay development for high-throughput screening, to lead identification and optimisation to develop drugs suitable for human clinical trials. He has a comprehensive understanding of the path to market for new drug entities. His involvement has been within drug development within multiple therapeutic disease areas encompassing cancer, respiratory, inflammatory, tropical diseases, and more recently, immunotherapeutic targets. He has a deep understanding of the pre-clinical to regulatory pathways to develop new therapies for approval by the TGA & FDA and will be managing the functional genomics portfolios of Bioplatforms Australia, Phenomics Australia and Therapeutic Innovation Australia via a shared appointment.

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