Bioplatforms Australia are investing $1 million dollars to support the creation of open access biomolecular (genomics, metabolomics, proteomics) data to enhance the identification, knowledge and utilisation of Australian native fungi in both research and industry applications.

This initiative is anticipated to provide the building blocks and collaborative opportunities for innovation across a range of sectors and industries including health, environment, conservation and agri-food. The generation of open access ‘omics data will enable insight into unique functions of native fungi and support development of emerging industries and innovative research translation, for example, diagnostic development of human fungal pathogens, bioactive compound investigations, native foods and toxicity investigations, biomaterial engineering, ecosystem management and conservation, land restoration, waste management and circular economies.

This collaborative opportunity will create a broad data resource across three applied themes. The resource will support direct and downstream applications across:

  1. Health and medicine
  2. Biological interactions
  3. Industry innovations

The Initiative will soon announce its first Request for Partnership and provide guidelines for potential partners.

To read more about the initiative please see the Australian Functional Fungi Initiative page

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