Microbial strains are both literally and figuratively the catalysts required for the conversion of Australia’s natural raw materials into a $1bn bio-manufacturing industry. Automated strain engineering facilities combine precise genome editing with automation, analytics and data integration to develop living catalysts much faster and cheaper than was once possible. Leveraging Amyris’s experience in strain design, the Queensland Bioplatforms node is working with Amyris in designing robust strains that match the world’s best. Through multi-omics integration, cells are being rationally designed to accelerate sugar conversion into higher-value products.

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Starting up a biotech company is met with many challenges yet the Bioplatforms network can assist by de-risk your venture. The Bioplatforms infrastructure network and pool of expertise offers the opportunity for you to outsource specialist analytics and save that precious capital for a longer runway.

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The Bioplatforms network is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and staff are experienced in working with business for research and development. Our range of services can be customised to address your business or product need whether it be expanding your product portfolio, verify that point of difference with competitors or quantify quality of your production systems or process.

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