HydGene Renewables

HydGene Renewables engineers bacterial microbes using Synthetic Biology techniques to produce renewable hydrogen gas from carbohydrate feedstocks including simple sugars. Bioplatforms has a proud record of partnership with HydGene and has supported and fostered its development from idea to commercial venture. In 2017 a Macquarie University student team took home the prize of the Energy Award at the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). The outstanding results achieved at the 2017 iGEM formed the basis for the development of HydGene Renewables.

Bioplatforms has been an instrumental partner in the creation of the HydGene company, from providing support to the seeding of the company, providing co-investment and access to our laboratory network, brokering partnerships with energy providers and end users, involvement in the governance of the company, and brokering IP release from the host institution. Starting up a biotech company is met with many challenges, however, Bioplatforms is working with companies like HydGene to de-risk these ventures, through access to the Bioplatforms infrastructure network and its pool of expertise.

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Are you a small business or start up?

Starting up a biotech company is met with many challenges yet the Bioplatforms network can assist by de-risking your venture. The Bioplatforms infrastructure network and pool of expertise offers the opportunity for you to outsource specialist analytics and save that precious capital for a longer runway.

Are you a large or established business?

The Bioplatforms network is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and staff are experienced in working with business for research and development. Our range of services can be customised to address your business or product need whether it be expanding your product portfolio, verify that point of difference with competitors or quantify quality of your production systems or process.

To find out if we can help you, contact our Partnerships Manager:

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