ARC Centre of Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

The ARC Centre of Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) will undertake research that will safeguard our national heritage, transform research culture, connect with communities and inform policy.

Australia has been shaped as a nation by its natural, historic and Indigenous heritage. To adapt successfully to future changes, we must dramatically improve our understanding of Australia’s past.

Our vision to reveal a culturally inclusive, globally significant history of Australia’s people and their environment is both ambitious and exciting.

We have more than 130 researchers coming together from universities and partner organisations across Australia and overseas.

Opened at Parliament House, Canberra, on 22 June 2017, the centre is funded by a $33.75 million grant from the Australian Research Council, $1 million from the NSW Government, and $11 million from 20 participating universities, museums, and organisations.

The funding will support around 40 new research positions and more than 50 new research students over the 7-year life of the Centre.


Headquarters: University of Wollongong

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